Tuesday, March 26, 2013

HOME TOUR [part 3]

Today you'll finally get to see the rest of our home - The Parsonage. I left off last time showing you the bedrooms .   I've found a photo of the 5th bedroom since my last post. I'll begin the tour today with that photo, and move on to the bathrooms and the rest of the basement.

The church is still in the progress of finishing this room.  The room was a larger room with cement block walls and a small closet.  They have moved one wall over and added insulation, dry wall, new closet and new escape window.  The room still needs all the trim work, baseboard and flooring.

They have also added a new bathroom in the basement.  Previously, it only had a cement block shower.  The new bath is a 3/4 bath with a walk in shower.

This bath will be getting a little make over with new paint, but it's near the bottom of my to do list right now.

Upstairs has a half bath located near the back door and garage. 

This bath was redone at the same time as the kitchen makeover.  At that time a new pedestal sink, toilet, window and new flooring were added.  The walls are green with a  sponge paint on the upper half.  The plans for this room include new paint, light fixture and a new mirror. ( Or something to dress up the mirror a bit.)

The main bath also was made over at the same time as the kitchen ( I think 8 years ago).  A shower stall with a new door was added at that time along with a new window, cabinets and flooring.  
 This room has a row of stenciled fern about 12 inches form the ceiling.

Back to the basement -
As you come down the stairs in the basement, you enter a large room.  When we lived here sixteen years ago, this was the children's play room.   The plan for this room now is to use it when we have larger groups of people over.   We'll set up a seating area along with table and chairs.

All of the carpet in the basement has been pulled up since we lived here sixteen years ago.  We have had a small amount of water coming in this spring.  I'm guessing that is why the carpet was pulled up.  The building committee has said in the future this area will be getting some fixing up, but right now they have the large project of replacing all the windows in the home and adding new siding. They've already replaced a lot of the electrical work and replaced all the light fixtures just before we moved into the Parsonage.   Last year they added a new deck and new roof...both big ticket items that really improved the "curb appeal."

If you missed the tour of The Parsonage you can see the rest of the tour at

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