Monday, March 18, 2013


Today I'd like to continue with the tour of our new home/parsonage.  Last week I showed you the living room, dining room and kitchen.  Today I'll show you the bedrooms. First I'll take you down the hall to view three of  the bedrooms.

The hallway to the bedrooms is just off of the dining room.  The same paint color and stencil design (only minus the berries and leaves) from the kitchen and dining room continues down the hallway.  The first door on the left is a linen closet and the door on the right is to the main bathroom. The next two doors on the right are bedrooms and on the far left is the master bedroom.  The hallway and bedrooms have hardwood floors.  The hallway floor has been refinished, but the bedrooms floors need refinishing.  They are on our to do list for this summer.

The first bedroom on the right is the smallest of the bedrooms and had wallpaper on the lower half of the walls along with a boarder.
The paper was removed by the building committee before we moved in, but I'll need to remove the paste residue left on the walls, repair dings and dents in the wall and of course paint. We'll be using this for our TV/family room.  This is how the room looked when we moved in.

 The next bedroom is the room I'll be using for my office.

 Across the hall from this room is the master bedroom.

The bedroom had stenciled walls with the same brown colored ceiling as the living room.  The room isn't large,  but we'll be able to fit all our bedroom furniture in it. 

The other two bedrooms are in the basement.

This bedroom was decorated for a girls with a floral boarder painted around the baseboard, along with a sun and clouds on the ceiling.  Both of the basement bedrooms have had new escape windows added since we lived here before.  The walls also were updated with dry wall, before they were just cement block walls.  The second bedroom in the basement I don't have before photos. (Camera had died at that point of the photo shoot.)

In my next post I'll show you the remainder of the home.

Have a great day!


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  1. I'm enjoying the tour! I can't wait to see what room you do first :)



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