Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wingback Chair

My living room makeover has been coming together, but I've been struggling with my living room chairs. I have two "pink / mauve" chairs that I've had in our living room for about 15 years. The chairs were an inheritance gift and were high quality chairs. They remain structurally very sound chairs, but are very dated because of their color and fabric.

My first taught was to make some drop cloth slip covers, but decided against that.

I then found a set of chairs like these faux leather Avington Slipper Chairs from Target.

photo source -

I even took a pair home, but they looked too small and dark for the space
along with the fact that my husband didn't like them because they lacked arm rests.

So I'm back to the wing chairs!

Jo Ann's fabric had their duck fabric half price last week so I bought some white fabric thinking I would reupholster the chairs.
Here it is laying on one of the chairs.
It looks too light compared to the room's cream/tan colors, wouldn't you agree?

So I'm off once again to Jo Ann's to look for new fabric.


  1. I love that style of chair. They are so pretty and yes they are also so comfortable. Can't wait to see what you select. Hugs, Marty

  2. I bought that exact same chair, same color and everything, at a church yard sale last year! I want to try a drop cloth slip cover, but I've been too intimidated to get started!

  3. I agree that the white is too stark for those chairs in the living room. Maybe if you go with a creamy linen fabric (or something with a similar grainy texture, it would mesh well with your room. I applaud you for taking on this project yourself though. I too have had a nice wingback chair for years and have never taken the time to reupholster it myself. Maybe if I see your tutorial on it when your finished I will be re-inspired!!! No pressure though! :)

    And thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my kitchen. I really appreciate the kind words. I'm your newest follower now!!

  4. Have you ever thought of dying the fabric with a tea/coffee solution. If you want a darker color make the tea or instant coffee stronger, then soak the fabric to the desired color. I have tried this with a basket covering and it worked great. You might not get a totally even color, but this just adds to the antique look.



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