Sunday, October 24, 2010

Painting - Two Rooms in the Makeover Process

Do you ever have too many projects and not enough time in a day! That's been my past week and the reason for lack of posts from me this past week.

As I've shared with you previously, I was planning on working on our living-room makeover and this past week I also started my second bathroom makeover.

You may think I'm a little crazy to have two project going simultaneously, but since I had my paint brush out to prime the living-room walls. I thought why not prime the bathroom at the same time, which lead to the two room makeovers at the same time.

Here's a little sneak peak of the what I've started in each room.

Two of the living room walls had burgundy paint and since I'm getting rid of our old sofa with the burgundy pattern on it. I want to go for a lighter feel in the room. In prep for lighter walls I started out by priming the walls with a good coat of Kilz.

Then I marched to my back bathroom and started priming it as well, and proceeded on to the paint.

Here's my inspiration for paint color. I love the paint color that they used here at Pottery Barn.

I helped my daughter paint her half bath this color. I really liked the color and outcome of her bathroom was beautiful.

While shopping at Lowe's recently I found a color that looks similar for only $5 in the miss tinted paints. Me being a thrifty person I thought this would work out great!

Wrong...Big Mistake!!!

Why is it that paint can look such a different color in the store than on your walls? I has a lot to do with it, but I thought it would be fine.

Well, as you can see in the photo below it cost me more labor and money!

When I started painting it looked teal or forest green, instead of the lovely blue I envisioned. After painting a small area I ended up whipping it off the wall....
because I didn't want green!!!
I know it looks blue on your computer screen but it's not!

This will mean another trip to look for new paint, so for now I can look at the mess until I have time to work on it again.
This is a DIY lesson I've learned the hard way.


  1. I love that dark blue color as well. Just thinking what room would that look good in my house? LOL Can't wait to see your finished results!

  2. Girl, I would just start adding a little mismatched "black" paint to that blue and pretty soon, you'll end up with the right shade. ...or even some black craft paint. I'm currently working with four different colors of paint mixed up in a big five-gallon bucket. Finally got the right shade and enough paint to do my 3 rooms!



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