Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Great Lamp Find

I've been looking for a new lamp for our living room.
While shopping at Goodwill yesterday I found this great lamp. I was very excited to see it was still in the store
because last week I spotted it, but passed it by because it had a few dings. But after doing some shopping in other stores and not being able to find the style or price I wanted,
I kept thinking about what I had passed by at Goodwill.

(photo - milo.com)

To my surprise I found it sitting on a back shelf.
Isn't she a beauty!
Brand new never been used with the tag still attached ... for a mere $9.99.
I previously found the drum shade for $2.99 at Goodwill as well.

You can see the dings in the photo, but that was an easy fix.
I just took out my metallic bronze spray paint can, and gave it a very light coat of paint. The light dusting of paint was just enough to cover up the scratches while
letting the original color of the lamp shine through.

Much better after a little paint touch up!

Adding the paint will also blend my two living room lamps together.
Remember this lamp that got a makeover several months ago with the same paint.

Looking on line I found similar lamps for
$39 - $329.95;
making shopping second hand a real money saver! Yea!

I'm working on a makeover for our living room
and this lamp will work perfect, because it has both the square and circle design
that I'm incorporating in the room.

Here is a little sneak peak of the rug I found for the room.

I'll be sharing the room reveal with you in the near future.
(which may take me a little time,
because I have two chairs to reupholster or make slipcovers for)

In the mean time, I'll keep looking for great finds.

Tip of the day :
Remember when shopping @ secondhand and thrift stores;
be flexible keeping your eye out for things you'll be using now or in the future.
big thing to remember:
if you like it take it now because tomorrow it may be gone.

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  1. Love your lamp find! These finds make it so worth it looking through "junk" at thrift stores!

  2. The lamp is a great find! It looks really nice with the paint. And I love the rug-- the colors are gorgeous!

  3. Great find!!! When I score at second hand stores you'd think I hit the lottery. It feels so good to be so little.

  4. love your lamps...
    love thrift store shopping...
    especially love a good garage sale!!!

  5. I love your blog because I also love to get great finds and save money while doing it. I worked at an estate sale yesterday. It is the same way as a thrift shop- buy it now because it will be gone soon. The prices were much higher than Goodwill, but you could get some beautiful items for a much lower price.



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