Monday, September 20, 2010

DIY Pumpkin Craft for Fall Decor

Today I'd like to share with you a craft,

that I helped the Children's Bible Story Hour Class make several years ago.

This is an easy and simple project to make with children.

It's also one that mom's enjoy displaying as part of their fall decor or table setting.

I've used mine every year since we made them.

Terra Cotta Pumpkins

Start with a small terra cotta pot and base.

Glue faux leaves to base of the pots bottom,

add a small piece of wire that has been wrapped around a pencil ~ to look like a spiral vine,

finally glue a small piece of a branch for the stem.

Finish the pot off by add some antique glaze (or watered down brown paint).

This makes a very cute and simple pumpkin decoration for FALL.

I had been thinking of making some wooden pumpkins this year,

until I found this while at a garage sale on Saturday.

It's a large pumpkin about 6 inches tall.

Pretty cute for only a dollar!



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