Friday, January 30, 2015


Hi everyone!  Today I am going to be sharing my - DIY Tufted head board.  I must say, I'm happy to be back after over a month of no blog posts.  It's been a little busy around our home.  My husband and I both got sick at Christmas.  I missed all the Christmas parties; and it took me a good three weeks to get back to normal health.  Two weeks ago, I started a new job; and I've been in the process of working more hours with orientation.

For those of you who have reading my blog for some time, you may recall our son and daughter-in-law got married a year and half ago. I shared the DIY wedding rehearsal dinner that we did for their wedding.   As a wedding gift for our children, my husband has made a piece of furniture.  The couple gets to select what they would like.  They usually find a photo of the piece of furniture they like; and my husband builds it for them.  While preparing for the rehearsal dinner, my sister and brother-in-law were talking to my husband asking if he would be interested in a walnut tree that went down in their grove.  Of course, we jumped on that offer.  There was, however, quite a delay when the tree went to the mill. While at the mill, the owner had a fire and had to rebuild his kiln....thus we had to wait for the wood to get milled for almost a year.

Once we had the wood, my husband went to work preparing the wood. He then built the wood part of the bed.  Once he had that completed, we invited our son and daughter-in-law to help us assemble the tufted part of the bed.

We made the tufted headboard using the same technique we used when we made our tufted headboard back in 2010.
 To see the detailed instructions how to make the tufted headboard, read my post - DIY Tufted Upholstered headboard.

This is how the headboard looked before adding the tufting.

My husband cut out a piece of plywood to insert into the piece in the photo above. (He marked out the grid on the back where the buttons would be placed.  He then drilled holes for the string that would secure the buttons to the headboard.) To this piece of wood, we added foam and batting securing it with staples on the back of the board.  Lastly the fabric was added.

Our daughter-in-law and I worked on making the fabric covered buttons while them men were working on securing the fabric to the wood.

The next step was to draw the string through the board/foam/batting/fabric and secure the covered buttons to the front of the headboard.  This can be a little tricky to hit the hole in the board going back through the fabric.  We used a large long darning needle for this step.

Here's the headboard once all the buttons were tied on.  Once the buttons were in place, the fabric was pulled tighter to take out the wrinkles.  My husband and son used screws to secure the tufted insert into the headboard.

Here you can see the detail in the foot-board.

A top view of the foot-board.

The side rails.

The bed put together in our living room.

The bed complete and set up in the bedroom.

I think the bed turned out beautiful, I love the richness of the black walnut wood against the light color of the tufted headboard!  The fun part of this project was to see it go from tree to complete tufted headboard bed.

Have a great day!



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