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It's been a while since I've posted on Wedding Wednesday.  My husband and I were involved in a wedding last week.  It was a wedding for a couple in our church and the family is good friends of ours. My husband was the pastor who officiated the wedding.  I had fun helping with some of the diy decorations and flowers.  I thought it would be fun to share some photos from the wedding on Wedding Wednesday.

As many of you know weddings can be very costly and everyone has a budget to keep.  Doing things yourself along with the help of family and friends can help defray the cost of hiring someone to do it for you.  I had the privilege of being one of the friends who got to help.

The wedding took place right next door in our church.  One week before the wedding the mother of the bride asked me to help decorate a wagon for the flower girl and ring bearer to ride down the isle in. 

The wagon was John Deere green with wood planked sides. We knew we had to do something to cover it up.  The colors for the wedding were black and ivory with accents of red.  Here's what we came up with.

 How we went about creating this cute little wagon ~
We first wrapped the wagon with a black sheet, and made the lining using a ivory table cloth.  We then ran a ribbon all the way around the top of the wagon, adhering it with pins to stay in place.

We then measured the height of the wagon and doubled that measurement. Using that measurement we cut ivory and black tulle.

Once the tulle was cut we tied it onto the the ribbon on the wagon.  We formed a knot that looked somewhat like a rose bud.  We then secured the knot with a straight pin.

On the back of the wagon I made a "Here Comes the Bride" sign.  My husband cut a piece of mdf board to a pattern I had drawn up for him.  I then glued card stock paper to it, with the words Here Comes the Bride.

The sign was hung from a piece of tulle.  At the top of the tulle a faux set of wedding rings was placed.

We wanted to cover the green tongue of the wagon too, so a black satin ribbon was wrapped the length of the tongue.  A small ivory tulle bow was then placed on the handle.

The next thing I helped with was the flowers.  I helped take off the thorns and protector petals on the roses.  We decided to keep the protector petals and asked the bride if she would like to use them as decorative accents.  She thought that sounded like a good idea, and we were able to save two large bowls full of petals. 

A florist friend put all the arrangements together, but she was leaving on vacation.  So the morning of the wedding, I trimmed the stems of the bouquets and wrapped them with satin ribbon.  The ribbon design I used was a ballet slipper pattern.  It adds a little extra touch to the bouquets, rather than the normal ribbon wrap.

Bouquets all ready for the bride and bridesmaids.

Here are the floral arrangements in the front of the church.

A bouquet of roses was place on a table in the entry way of the church as well.

 The rose petals that we saves I scattered along the isle tulle.

Petals were also placed on the unity candle table and in the tulle that draped down the front of the table.

The happy couple at the unity candle.

Petals were sprinkled on the guest book table too.

As well as on the gift table.

The book shelf behind the gift table needed a little something as well.  I went and shopped my house and found a few things we had used at our daughters weddings.  The bride had a photo of the couple to add to the display.  A few rose petals were placed on top of the tulle, around the LOVE sign.
This was a budget friendly display that added a little extra touch.

There was an ugly cork bulletin board that was just behind the guest book.  I again shopped my house and found a piece of black sheet fabric to cover the board with.  The Mr. and Mrs. and Love were left over from our daughters weddings.  The friend/florist was working on the bouquets at the time we were working on the bulletin board.  She quickly whipped up a pretty bow to hang on the board. It added the finishing touch that the board needed.  Once again a very quick and easy budget friendly display.

In this photo you can see the bulletin board in the background behind the guest book table.

The board was used as a backdrop for photo shoots.

All of this was done with love for this happy couple.

Come back and in my next Wedding Wednesday post I'll be sharing a few more photos from the church and the reception hall.

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