Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Everyone is anxious for spring this year, myself included.  We actually had a few wonderful warm days last week, but a cold front moved in on Sunday and now we are back down in the 20's and 30 degree temperatures ....burr!  Despite the cold weather I've decided to brighten up the house a bit for spring.

I've started in the living room by taking out the flannel, wool and fur items and brought in some spring accents.  A wonderful way to add a touch of spring and freshness to a room can be done by adding soft fabrics and lighter delicate colors.  All of this can be done without spending a lot of money.  You can even rearrange the furniture for a new fresh look.

The first thing I did in the living room was to replace the snowflake/winter pillows with cozy soft spring pillows.

The nest pillow I made a few years ago was placed in the basket of blankets.

I also put the pocket pillow slipcovers back on the sofa pillows and added them to the store bought pillows.

In the wingback chair I added a 50 cent garage sale throw, along with a new chevron pillow.

 I sewed the chevron pillow slip cover myself.  The pillow cover was very little cost ( three dollars) but makes a big impact.  I chose light colors because I wanted the room to be light and airy.

I decided to add a little texture onto the coffee table by placing a burlap table runner down first.  I have several of these runners left over from the rehearsal dinner. Using what you have keeps costs very minimal.

The candle sticks, basket, candles, blue decorative balls and filler were all  garage sales  and thrift store finds.

To keep the room bright I also added accents of white on the side table.

My daughter-in-law just had a Party Lite party and game me the little bunny candle holder from Party Lite.  The plant and white pot are from Ikea.

I purchased the Symmetry Trio from my daughter-in-laws Party Lite party.  What I love about it is, that you can change the decor and candle for any season or occasion.  I decided to make them work for spring by adding small eggs and beads.  To keep with the theme of the living room decor I added some shells, sand dollar and a star fish to one of the holders.

On top of the curio cabinet, I placed the spring artwork, along with some beads and a small bird.

On the other side-table I place a cloche covered bird nest.   I made the cloche a few years ago from a cheese platter with a glass cloche dome.

As you can see, it doesn't take much to change the look of the entire room by adding a few new accessories.  The room now looks much brighter and ready for SPRING.

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  1. Everything looks so nice Joy, I can't believe you found the throw for .50! Speaking of Party Lite...I went to an estate sale last Saturday, not a good one, I did find 3 different sized candles from Party Lite that had never been used still in their boxes. I thought it was a good deal since I know they are expensive!



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