Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My house decorating was put on hold this past week because of bad weather.   We've had quite the ice storm, and I'm starting to wonder if it really is spring.  It started last week Tuesday morning with freezing rain followed by snow.  We lost our electricity Tuesday evening and didn't get it back until Saturday evening.  No electricity  =  no Internet connection and explains why you haven't seen any posts for a while.  We were so thankful to have a generator.  We were able to alternate having our furnace on and kept our refrigerator and freezer running.  This is the worse ice storm I've ever seen in my lifetime.  The trees received major damage! I don't think there is a street in town without tree limbs down.   We lost a large limb on a tree in our back yard.  It missed hitting our new patio door by mere inches.

This is how our bushes all looked - totally covered with ice.


A view of one of the streets in our city.

There were hundreds of power poles broken completely off and laying in the ditch.

The city, along with many volunteers started the clean up on Saturday and it continued today.  Trucks  filled with broken tree limbs went past my home all day.

A BIG  thank you to all the people who put in so many long hours to get our electricity back up and running and everyone who helped with the clean up.

We have the majority of our yard cleaned up and I'm hoping to get back to the projects in The Parsonage.  I'll be sharing  them with you soon.

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  1. What a thick layer of ice - unbelievable. We had a storm as well, but not nearly as bad. Glad things are returning to normal.



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