Friday, April 6, 2012


With Easter fast approaching, I thought I'd show you one more area where I've added some Spring/Easter decor.  I used items from around the house to create this vignette.  The idea came to me when I came across a toy from my childhood while working on cleaning up our storage room.  When I saw it, I thought this would be great to put out for spring. I don't believe in the Easter bunny, but I love baby bunnies and baby chicks.  Growing up on the farm, these little animals were always a sign of spring.

Here's the vignette that I place in our Hoosier cabinet.

Notice the spots on the cart due to the age of the toy.  I think it adds some unique character.  Adding a few eggs and grass dress it up just a bit more.

I also added the little silver cup that I used as a child.  The Peter Rabbit book holds many memories of reading it to our children when they were small.

A twenty-five cent garage sale bowl sits on the top shelf with grass and eggs inside to mimic a nest.

May you all have a great weekend and 
Blessed Easter 
 I'll be celebrating Easter with great thankfulness...
Thankful for such a loving God  who sent his
 Only Begotten Son 
to die 
on the cross for my sins...

Rejoicing that He has Risen!


  1. Joy, I am always on the look-out for children's silver cups. You are so lucky to actually have your own! Can't believe you have an old toy, as well. I always wondered what happened to all of my old toys. I attempted to save a few of our son's things, but they inadvertently got put in the donation pile the last time we cleaned the attic. ;-( Cannot believe all those neat trucks and games went away....

  2. Aw, I loved Peter Rabbit! Mr. McGreggor was always so scary. Peter just wanted some veggies!

    And that vintage toy is so cool!




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