Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm not one to ask for help very often but I'm at my wits end!  My RSS feed on my Google home page has not updated since the first part of December 2011. Prior to that it was working fine. I subscribe to my own RSS feed to make sure things are posting properly.  I have tried many things to check it....feed validator, resyncing, feed medic and pinging. They have all come back as a healthy feed. I'm concerned that my posts are not getting out to my readers. Has anyone else had this problem?  Do you have any advise on what to try?  I would love to hear from any of you who can help me.

                                                            Thank you!


  1. I follow you through my Google dashboard and your posts are coming through fine for me.

  2. Sorry I can't help but wanted to let you know that I following in your Linky Follower, hope you do the same for me:)


  3. Oh, Joy, I feel your pain! I've been researching RSS for hours today... I'm sorry I can't help. I'm completely lost! Boy, don't you wish we had some computer tech/ blog designers on speed dial?...I could use them (but can't afford them!) right now.



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