Friday, September 2, 2011


I have great news to share with you .... my husband and I are going to be grandparents for the very first time!!!  Our daughters and their husbands are expecting babies. These blessings are expected to arrive sometime mid October and around Christmas!

With babies on our mind I've started looking at baby things.  I found some very cute wall art at Pottery Barn entitled " Transportation Art" for $69. You can view it at Pottery Barn.  
Instead of paying the price tag of $69, it inspired me to make some myself. 

DIY Nursery Artwork
Here's what I did.....

Purchased two 11 X 14 canvas for $3 each.
I started by painting the canvas with white paint. 

I then found some cute Peter Rabbit photos by Beatrix Potter for free. 

  I then took out my Cricut machine and cut out the letters 
r - rabbit and b - boat

For the second piece of art, I created a sail boat using card stock cutting each piece out of different paper to make the sailboat parts.

The next step was to adhere the clip art and boat parts to the canvas using mod Podge. After letting it dry, I  then added two more layers of Mod Podge  allowing it to dry between each coat.

Once it was completely dry, I added the finishing touches by giving it a distressed look using a brown glaze.

 (I'm a little disappointed with the glaze on the rabbit art. I think it looks to dark so I may redo that piece.)

Here's the boat art without the modge podge on it. I'll finish it once we know if little boys are on the way.

The total cost of the nursery art work was only $6, making this a pretty thrifty project with a savings of $132!!!

If the baby's are boys I may make a truck and airplane as well.


  1. Did you use a water based glaze? I wonder if you could wash some of it off? Or maybe use a whitewash over the top? I think it's adorable anyway!

  2. Love love love! So cute!!! What an excited grandma you are! Oh and by the way - you aren't GOING to be a grandma - you ARE one already! :0)

  3. Congrats - actually make that double congrats. Lucky you having two grandchildren so close together. It will make great times with the cousins so close in age. I can only imagine how your mind is turning to babies right now.



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